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Content Creators:
It’s Time To Get Paid

Givell lets your audience suggest new content backed by direct donations. It’s a revolutionary new way to get paid for your passion.
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Perfect for All Kinds of Creators

Reach the next level of gaming content with Givell. Our platform allows your viewers to suggest games to play or ask for certain kinds of video content, all backed by direct donations. You get more income plus valuable feedback — perfect for streamers and video creators.
Ready to grow your income and connection with your followers? Givell allows viewers to suggest challenges, locations, and topics they’d love to see. You deliver the content, make money doing what you love, and reach your audience like you never thought possible.
Givell generates income and fan engagement. Allow your audience to donate money for the chance to suggest videos, memes, and trends to react to. It’s community building and income generation all in one using a single platform.
Leverage Givell to keep your review content fresh and highly targeted. Your viewers donate directly to you in order to suggest the products, movies, and services they want you to review. Now, you’ll always deliver what your viewers are interested in while generating more income.
Givell lets viewers guide your content with donations. Discover the makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and looks your audience wants to see while growing a revenue stream at the same time. It keeps your content engaging and sustainable.
Escape donation models that fail content creators. Start engaging your community by allowing them to suggest topics, guests, and themes for episodes while donating to your show. That leads to a stronger community and a larger income.
Elevate your travel content with Givell. Your followers can now suggest destinations or travel tips. Each suggestion comes with a donation, turning your globe-hopping journey into a collaborative adventure with your audience.
Givell makes connecting with your audience more meaningful than ever before. Let your followers suggest workout challenges, health topics, or wellness trends they want you to cover while providing you with donations to build your income.
Bring relevant business insights with Givell. Empower your followers to suggest topics ranging from startup strategies to corporate leadership, all supported by their donations. That means a steady income stream for you and compelling content for your core audience.
and many more...

Start engaging. Start earning. Join Givell.

How can you start building a stronger community and generating more income with Givell?
Get Started For Free
Get Started For Free
Request beta
Press the button below to request beta, provide your email, first name, last name and main social link, and submit request. We will let you know how it went as soon as possible!
Create Task List
Once your profile is set up, you can create a task list with a single click. Play around with settings to get everything perfect. Now, your followers can make suggestions with their donations.
Share With Your Audience
The share button gives you links to share on your newsletter, social media, YouTube, and anywhere else.
Receive Task Donations
Your followers can now request tasks from you while financially supporting you. Get ready to build a strong community and income with Givell.
Get Started For Free
Get Started For Free

How Givell Helps Content Creators

Givell is the most compelling donation platform for content creators.
Custom Task Lists
Your task lists allow the audience to make requests while donating directly to you. This lets you sort requests based on topic. Let your community help you generate ideas, take polls, make suggestions, and more.
Better Value for Donations
Givell gives your audience a compelling reason to donate right now. Rather than vaguely asking for support, you can make a direct offer. In return, you’ll get better engagement while learning precisely what your audience wants.
When you sign up for our Beta, you join the first generation of Givell. There are no fees at payout and only a minimal fee for donations (7% capped at 100$/£/€ depending on the currency). This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in at the groundfloor of a new way to support content creators.
Security Guarantee
Security is our top priority. Our team is committed to keeping your information and your supporters safe. That’s why we work together with Stripe, a leading payment processor with top-level security.
Stripe Integration
We’ve partnered with Stripe to provide seamless payment with your Givell account. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and then you’re done. Enjoy the full suite of Stripe e-commerce features along with Givell's revolutionary approach to supporting creators like you.
Get Started For Free
Get Started For Free

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Get Started For Free
Get Started For Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Givell is transforming the way content creators and audiences connect and support each other. When you have a game-changing platform, people are bound to have questions.